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Volunteering in Sport

We applaud all you guys out there who give up your time to run junior teams and pass on the skills and joys of football, for no other reward than you and maybe your son or daughter, being involved in the beautiful game. Of course, it is not just football, is it? There are volunteers all over the country supporting a huge variety of sports from Cricket to Swimming, Netball to Hockey and very many more.

One of the most inspiring stories I have ever heard is that of Tibberton Netball club founded in 1989, 29 years ago by the amazing June Byrne.

The piece below, taken from their ‘club history’ page on the TNC website gives an insight into what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

“Tibberton Netball Club was formed in the summer of 1989 as an off shoot of the village Youth Club, where June Byrne was the Youth Leader.

After training at the local junior schools court we decided to enter our team into a tournament. We did not own a kit, but somehow June our Manager managed to buy us a second hand kit with funding from the Youth Club. Our first tournament was the Shropshire Youth Club’s Tournament, which to our great surprise we won. We were now Shropshire Youth Club Champions. From here we went on to play Hereford, Worcester and Gloucester, and yet again we won. Our club was going from strength to strength. We were now West Midlands Youth Club Champions. Not bad for a local village youth club team.

Our next journey took us to Nottingham University the venue for the England Youth Club Finals. We were up against regional teams from the whole of the Country. This was to be our greatest test. We competed all weekend and came 8th overall, an amazing achievement. Tibberton Netball Club had arrived.

After this very successful season we decided to join the local Lilleshall Netball League, and called ourselves TNT. At first we found it hard competing against adults, and we were continually beaten week after week. But we remained as a team and battled on. June was approached by other young girls wanting to play, and so we decided to form the team JADE, and a few years later with more girls on our books we form the team DYNAMOS. Now we were playing explosive Netball!

Our Club continues to grow; we are currently the biggest Club in Shropshire with 4 senior teams and 10 junior teams.

From the original team 5 members are still with the Club:

June Byrne – Founder and Club Manager
Louise Glews (nee Byrne) – Fundraising & Event Organiser
Nicolette Byrne – Junior Manager and Lead Coach
Michelle Ross (nee Wood) – Vice Chairman
Zoey Sermon (nee Smith) – Under 11 coach”

June celebrated her 70th birthday last year and is still actively involved in the club. It is little wonder that she received an award for Voluntary Service in Sport from The Queen for her dedication?

For more information about this extraordinary club, you can visit their website.

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