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The Importance of Protective Workwear in the Workplace

It seems an obvious subject, yet sometimes protective workwear can be hugely overlooked.

In order to ensure the safety of the workers, it is important to ensure that appropriate workwear is worn for certain hazardous tasks.

In the workplace all employees must wear the appropriate clothing for their working environment whether it be warehouse work or a construction site, safety is always paramount.

Visibility in these high-risk environments is key. Hi-vis clothing and fluorescent vests often need to be worn at all times along with other safety gear such as boots, goggles, gloves and hard hats all of which help ensure the safety of employees.

Hi-vis clothing – simple yet almost undisputedly one of the most important parts of anyone’s PPE keeps you illuminated so that you are more visible to all. This gives people more awareness of your presence, which enables them to act faster in the event that they could potentially endanger you or them.

Every construction site with vehicles/plants in operation in the UK has to have a high-visibility policy by law. It is an employer’s responsibility to pay for safety equipment such as hi-vis clothing. Various roles such as traffic management would require workers to wear hi-vis trousers and jackets rather than just a hi-vis tabard. This is due to traffic moving faster than an average construction vehicle and therefore drivers will need more time to respond to any potential hazards.

The EU has set a standard of high-visibility clothing, the British standard is BS EN 471 and this has been set collaboratively with the PPE laws in mind. The clothes are measured by the area of conspicuous materials and also their retroreflection performance. Any new hi-vis clothing must be marked with CE, which means it is acceptable by EU standards. If your hi-vis clothing isn’t marked with CE, you are in violation of the law.

Hi-vis clothing is affordable, light and comes in different shapes and sizes, qualities and thickness. High visibility clothing is a logical choice for safety and could help you avoid potentially life-threatening incidents.

Fortis Sport is proud to be the workwear supplier of choice to National companies such as building contractor McPhillips. We take workwear seriously and our experienced team are on hand to help you choose the right uniform and PPE package for your environment and employees.

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