Will Askin - AdminRe

"I have approached Fortis Sports on a number of occasions to produce both business and leisure merchandise. They have proven far cheaper and quicker than any other competitor, and offer a bespoke, personal service that cannot be paralleled. I will not even consider getting a quote from anyone else again. Fortis can accommodate any requirements at any notice and deliver on time and surprisingly cost effective!"

Jack Brodie - JakinB Media

"We contacted Fortis Sport to get some JAKINB Media apparel sourced & embroidered for our video production team. Jay from Fortis was fantastic in his knowledge of the garment industry and was able to provide us with some fantastic apparel solutions with seriously top-notch embroidery work. Not to forget that all of this was complete and delivered within 24 hours! Seriously how many other workwear firms put this type of work in? Subsequently, we've now moved all our apparel needs to Fortis and would recommend them every time! Keep up the great work guys!"


Andrew Dunham - McPhilips Civil Engineering

"Fortis Sport supplied all of our 50th-anniversary workwear for both office staff and onsite personnel. Paul’s advice and knowledge have been invaluable in assisting with the  selection of the best quality for value workwear available"