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Row to Raise take on the Atlantic Challenge

So, it’s not long to go until the off now!!! I fly out to La Gomera on the 28th November, and the race start date is the 12th December ….although this is subject to change if the wind’s blowing in the wrong direction!

Thank you so much for all the amazing support from everyone. Lots of people have been asking how they can follow the race. There’ll be updates every 4 hrs on the Yellow Brick Tracker. This won’t be launched until a couple of days before the race start, but you’ll see the link at the top of the home page of the Atlantic Campaigns website:

It looks like this…..

You can also follow everything through the Row to Raise social media. We’ll be posting 3 time s a day, once with the story of the young person I’m rowing for on that day, once with an update from me on the Atlantic, and once with details of how far I’ve rowed, how far I’ve got to go…..and if I’m going in the right direction!!

You can really play a part in the success of Row to Raise…..the main aim of the row is to raise awareness about mental and physical trauma, so a follow and a share on social media will make all the difference!!

And of course the other aim is to raise over £50,000 for Climbing Out. The current total is already over £13,000! I know people get asked to donate to good causes all the time, so I’m definitely not going to be just another person banging on about what an incredible challenge this is….and so many of you have done so much already.

But, if you feel moved by any of the stories we share and you’d like to support by sharing the link for people to donate, then thank you, it’d be very much appreciated x

To Donate: