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NxtGenPro Taking Telford by Storm with Bespoke Coaching Sessions


Based at the Fortis Stadium in Telford NxtGenPro has quickly built a portfolio of players ranging from local talented players looking to improve their game, players playing for professional academies, semi professional footballers and professional footballers.

NxtGenPro recognise that team coaching sessions are designed to improve you collectively as a group of players and as a team which sometimes means you don’t get the opportunity or quality one on one time to develop your specific skills and attributes.

Along with the latest technology and equipment NxtGenPro offer 1-to-1 (max 3-to-1) position specific sessions for all abilities that are creative, fun, fresh and like nothing you’ve experienced before.

To reach the top you need to work harder and go beyond what everyone else is doing……. Because training alone, just isn’t enough.

Get in touch with the guys over at NxtGenPro here on Twitter Or here via Facebook.