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Climbing Out – Supporting the Victims of the Manchester Attack

Group photo on a mountain

The Manchester bombing is in everyone’s mind right now as we sit here 1 year on from the attack.

And it makes me so proud to know that Climbing Out has played a part in supporting the young people effected by the attack.

Back in April we ran a 5 day programme specifically for survivors of the bombing, and it was one of the most powerful programmes we’ve ever run.

13 young people took part and it’s difficult to put into words just how much they achieved over the 5 days and the massive steps forward they took.

For me, it’s made the bombing very real. This didn’t just happen to other people….this happened to these people! What they’ve seen, what they’ve been through….it’s beyond anyone’s imagination

Climbing Out is just one step in their recovery, but the hardest step to take is always the first one, and I’m so proud that we’ve been able to help these young people start their journey forwards.

The Manchester Bombing programme has really helped to give Climbing Out some significant exposure too. I’ve been shouting about how incredible the programmes are for the last 7 years, and no one really seems to have listened! But now, largely due to the coverage we’ve had through the media, people finally seem to be taking notice of just what’s being achieved through the 5 day programmes.

It’s fantastic!

We’ve a busy summer of programmes ahead and we’ll be supporting over 100 young people. It’s fantastic to see Climbing Out going from strength to strength which will hopefully lead to us being able to reach and support even more young people in the future.

None of this could happen without the amazing work of all our supporter and fundraisers, so the biggest thank you must go out to them

Together we really can make a difference!

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